[ABSee] Featured Posts #2 “Ingredients”

The second link party, who’s theme was focused on ingredients has come to an end. We had 11 total submissions from bird poop to tea, all the posts were exceptional but the votes came in and here were the top picks!

Host’s Choice

From Nourish the Skin

Another Type of Skincare: When Mosquitoes Attack

We loved this entry because it took our usual skincare a step further and applied it in a practical way.

When mosquito cream wasn’t working she turned to looking for ingredients like, aloe vera, honey, tea tree and snail mucin to help combat the mosquito welts and itchiness.

Check out the full post here at Nourish the Skin

Another Type of Skincare: When Mosquitos Attack


Public Choice

From A Love Story by Teti

Review: Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask

And who doesn’t love this mask ^_^ Her review is split between English and Bulgarian!

Check out her review here A Love Story by Teti


And there you have it! The second set of featured posts! The next link party is open and the theme is “sun protection” Don’t forget to submit your links over at Leaves of Yves starting today!

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