Asian Beauty Blog Party – Skincare Concerns

Since I’m post-adolescent, I don’t have a tremendous amount of skincare concerns. Most of my worries tend to revolve around issues in the future, such as whether or not I’m doing what I should to reduce my skin cancer risk or for more vain reasons, helping to push wrinkle onset further back.


I wax and wane on how in-depth my routine is. With my move across the North American continent I was too tired to use a plethora of acids and ampoules and I did notice a marked decline in the brightness of my skin. Was this because I didn’t have all 500 parts of my cosmetic collection?  Or was it most likely due to my accidental packing of some sunscreens I normally use for my face. Luckily I was in a shaded cabin, but I could see myself get a bit tanner by the end of my journey.

This part of the blog party actually comes at a perfect time for me, since I’m somewhat starting anew here on the east coast, and I can reflect a bit on what I use and should use

Part 1: my fear of cancer and aging



The cold hard truth, I don’t sunscreen everyday. I should, but its a hard habit to break into for me since I didn’t grow up with sunscreen each day. Part of my negligence is due to the interference with my makeup application but I’m getting better about sticking to longer wait times i.e. not letting the various layers of my skin care dry appropriately. I still find that the biore is more annoying than the missha, even if does have that nice silicone velvet feel. Mostly likely it’s the silicones interacting with each other between my makeup and sunscreen so it takes quite a few trials to figure out exactly how to use and layer them. I’m going to focus on sunscreen daily more as sort of a spring time resolution to carry me into a burn free summer.

Part 2: my fear of collagen degradation


awhile ago, after discovering adolescent girls on youtube do their makeup far better than I, I found a woman with a youtube channel HotnFlashy meant for women over 50. She was doing a palette review but I noticed she reviewed a lot of skincare on the channel. Her skin looked great, she had a very bright and healthy look and I knew that her anecdotes must have helped to some degree. One of the reviews she did was on vitamin C serums. After reading about their collagen synthesis promotion via topical application I was hooked. Currently I’m using timeless which I love. It has the best texture and seems to be the slowest to oxidize. I feel a little like I’m betraying my people recommending it over ciracle and the OST brand, but it’s just that good imo.


Part 3: Hormonal Acne?



For awhile I thought I might have PCOS, until I remembered all the ultrasounds came back negative. So then I just assumed the blackheads and monthly breakouts were because I was flawed genetically. Until I read a mention somewhere on reddit about hormonal acne. Naturally I googled it and figured out that’s what I had. What seems to work the best for me is using BHA. And if I need the BHA to work reeealy well then I use a pH adjusting toner beforehand. Sometimes I use AHA, but I find that my skin responds to BHA the fastest and I don’t have to worry about the increased UV sensitivity.

Part 4: An actual issue? Dry skin here



Like the deserts hate the rain, my skin hates keeping itself hydrated. Throughout college I always thought my skin was oily, even with the dry flaking patches I was getting *eyeroll* For myself I find that in addition to using lotion and cream both day and night is not enough, I have to use a sleeping pack nightly now otherwise my skin gets flakier again. Out of all the steps in my routine I feel like my sleeping pack is the one that changed me skin the most, at least texturally. My first pack brand was Laneige and you’ll find quite a few of their jars in my possession. I’ll generally send people to that brand since I feel like they make a nice middle ground to compare different brands and packs to.

Part 5: Want to see some other Skincare concerns?








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