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Travel Essentials aka another excuse for me to buy things in miniature. If given the choice I prefer to travel heavy or as I view it: completely prepared. Quite recently I moved across the country so to figure out what I considered to be essentials for travel I decided to go with what I found most useful.

  1. Pillz: I actually keep these in my purse at all times. My friends and family can always rely on me to have a small pharmacy ready, I carry (I’ll go by US brand name) Claritin, Zyrtec, Allegra, Benadryl, Pseudophedrine, Exedrine, Tylenol, Advil, Aspirin, Gasx, immodium, zantac. You can probably also tell I keep some qtips there too.


2. Manicure set: I have two of these, one I like to keep on hand it has a pair of tweezers, nail clippers, nail file and a little pair of scissors. nice to have on hand and maybe not TSA compliant.

3. Snails 달팽이! I like to keep one in my purse for emergency dryness and instagramming.

4. For actual travel, I like to bring my hanging travel bag. I think I got this in the early 2000’s. It’s from Victoria’s secret and has surprisingly lasted quite long. Only recently has the plastic started to crack. I also like that it came with cords to wrap it up so that you weren’t confined to securing it only one way.

5. Cleansing: this is always a balance between makeup removal and trying to avoid spillage. The Su:m37 Micracle Rose cleansing stick is great for travel and can remove most of my makeup, but sometimes waterproof formulas need something else. Currently I’m digging cleansing waters over balms. But this is likely temporary since most cleansing balms I find come in amazing containers.

6. Hair Care: Mini brush, heat-protecting hair lotion, Dry shampoo. Must have and get them all in miniature form. Thankfully most subscription boxes will provide you with one of these multiple times throughout the year.

7. Acne: Hydrocolloids are definitely a must since they provide that perfect moisture barrier to accelerate healing. Some BHA in lotion form is also nice for helping to prevent and reduce blemishes. Currently I’m using up Kiehl’s Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment


8. Drank the sheetmask cool-aid and I feel like They’re a great addition to evenings away from home when you need a little extra entertainment.

9. Lip care: Initially I let a blogger’s bad review of this product delay my purchase. I was a fool. Forge your own path. I’m glad I got this. It’s price per ml is cheaper than most tube balms I buy and it works better, at least for night time.

10. Cushion compacts: Definitely always have one in my purse, they’re perfect for travel and you don’t have to worry about broken or leaking foundation again. And the SPF is good too, I’ve used them in the tropics.

11. Fragrance: I love perfume, I always wear some out and luckily Sephora comes out with this deluxe fragrance minis. Perfect for travel.

12. Pouch Products: These were the best samples I brought with me. They were easy to what I ended up reaching for the most out of all the samples I own. They’re not life changing, but they’re good enough to keep your skin comfortable and fill in the gaps you might be missing in your routine.

13. Samples: If you shop from Korean brands/stores you probably know by now that samples are part of our culture and they are great for filling in any gaps in travel needs.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my life… that I already display on social media. For more travel tips and essentials, check out my blogging buddies



  1. I LOVE the new layout! Hydrocolloids are an absolute must for any travel bag, you’re right! I think I might get a pill box too, that’s such a great idea.

  2. Aaah, so happy to see them Aritaum pouches! They get no mention anywhere, and sure, they’re no miracle products, but I love them for traveling! Especially for short trips or long-distance flights where they are a lot less embarassing to use in public compared to sheetmasks. 😉

    I sometimes notice that the foundation inside my cushions seeps to only one side of the sponge if I carry them around all lop-sided. :/

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