Asian Beauty Black Friday Roundup 2015/2016

Pancake... suffering eternally like Prometheus

Pancake… suffering eternally like Prometheus

I wanted to make a running list of the shops that I have used before (or know of) and what their Black Friday Deals were like in 2015 and keep updating them for 2016. So if you’re looking for some shopping recommendations, I think you might find this useful. I would also note that I am in the USA

*Since this is basically free advertising for stores I’m going to drop some referral links, affiliate links, and discount codes around. If you wanna support this blerg use a link.

Let’s start with some online shops that carry multiple brands


  • MelodyCosme

    • Based in the USA
    • Carries a mix of brands from Korea, Taiwan and the US
      • Ciracle, Manyofactory, Cosrx, Lovemore, Dirtymermaid, Olivarrier and more
    • They only ship in the USA currently, $6 for flat rate 3-5 day shipping in the US
      • Free shipping threshold is $50
    • 2015 Black Friday experience I believe there was a 20% off discount code for total orders that stacked for items on sale
      • This was my first of a few melody purchases
        • I always get a bunch of extra samples and even a mask or two with my orders
        • I purchase most of my cosrx and manyofactory here, but they carry many other brands
    • 2016 Black Friday sale: Lots of items are on sale for 20%, 30% and 40% off. No code is necessary. Starts 11/22 – ends Monday 11/28


  • Beautibi

    • Based in the USA
    • Carries Brands from Korea, Taiwan and I believe Japan
      • You can find 23.5N Femmue, L’Herboflore, Lovemore, Maskingdom, Naruko, Purpletale and more
    • They ship to:
      • the USA starting at $6.25, free shipping threshold is $50
      • Canada flat rate of $15, free shipping threshold is $100
      • International start at $26, but will change depending on the weight of certain boxes and items, free shipping threshold is $200
    • 2015 Black Friday sales: they ran a staggered promotion where if you spent $45, $75 or $100 you would get an increasing dollar amount off using codes for the spending thresholds
      • During this promo I made my first purchase because they carry ladykin snails which I kept buying the baby snails. And I still buy the baby snails to this day.
    • 2016 Black Friday Sale: Similar to last year where the increasing spending brackets lead to increasing dollar amounts off (starts 11/25-11/27)

      • $5 off of 25
      • $10 off of 50
      • $25 off of 100
      • $$55 off of 200
      • Additionally all orders over $35 will also receive a small exclusive gift!
    • For $5 off your first purchase Click here


  • Cupidrop

    • Based in the USA
    • Carries Korean Skincare and Makeup
      • You can find Primary Raw, 3CE, CLIV, Skinmiso, Cosrx and more
    • They Ship to:
      • The USA starting at $6.25, free shipping threshold is $50
      • Internationally starting at $30
    • My experience
      • I made my first purchase during their summer 4th of July promotion, they gave a ton of samples and even a free Atrue hand cream which smelled delicious
    • 2015 Black Friday sales: They had a 25% off of everything promo using a code.
    • 2016 Black Friday sales: take 30% off off sitewide using code: ITSTURKEYTIME must use before 11/27


  • Peach&Lily

    • They are based in the USA
    • They carry Korean & Japanese Skincare and Makeup
      • You can find MANY brands here including Atopalm, caolion, cremorlab, lagom, the lotus, morihata, and more
    • They ship to
      • The US starting at $6.95 and the free shipping threshold is $50
      • They ship internationally to a select list of countries and shipping is based on weight
    • My experience
      • I’ve helped others shop online from P&L but I did my damage at their Sample Sale this year ^_^
    • 2015 Black Friday Sale: 20% off of everything using a promo code
    • 2016 Black Friday Sale:  no update as of 11/21 but I wouldn’t be surprised if they used the same discount
    • In case you can stack promos: For $10 off your first purchase of $50 or more click here


  • GlowRecipe

    • They are based in the USA
    • They carry Korean Skincare predominately and some makeup
      • You can find brands like whamisa,, primary raw, yuripibu, LJH and more
    • They Ship to
      • The USA starting at $6.95 and free shipping threshold is $50
      • Canada starting at $15 and free shipping threshold is $100
      • Internationally to select countries with a flat rate of $26
    • My experience
      • I grabbed a few items during their summer 40% off sale, they were shippped quickly and packed very well. no samples tho
    • 2015 Black Friday Sales: 20% off sitewide on Black Friday only
    • 2016 Black Friday Sales: Some other blogs have listed glowrecipe as having another 20% off sale for 11/25 but I haven’t found mention of it yet
    • Here is a link for 15% off your first order in case you miss the sale, click here



    • They are Headquartered in the US now, but originally started in Korea
    • Carries Korean Skincare and Makeup
      • They carry so many brands I’m just not gonna list
    • They ship to only the USA
      • Shipping starts at $5.50, free shipping threshold is $35
    • My experience
      • I started shopping with memebox last spring
    • 2015 Black Friday Sales: They did a series of doorbuster deals starting on Thanksgiving Thursday and continuing through the weekend, they had special sets and vault boxes too
      • With deals changing every day I made a few separate order to take advantage of stupid low pricing and the free shipping threshold
    • 2016 Black Friday: They will be doing the same thing this year
      • They will have an ever changing list of big discount items (check their snaps and Instagram for updates)
      • They also have a limited amount of Vault boxes, I recommend these if you have between $80-$150 dollars to spend and want what is basically an entire routine, a hoard of masks etc.
      • you can read more about their sale here
      • I would like to note that since moving their warehouse shipping times are pretty variable, I hope that it will be smooth for the holiday sale season, but I figure you all should be aware
    • In case you miss this sale or need a coupon code You can save 20% off your first purchase of 20% or more with this link
  • 2016-11-21-20-13-05-1640675162SokoGlam

    • Based in the USA
    • Carries Korean Skincare and Makeup
      • You can find brands like Missha, goodal, neogen, klairs, RE:P, Son&Park and more
    • They Ship to
      • The USA  I believe starting at $6.95 and free shipping threshold is $35
      • Canada has a free shipping threshold of $75
      • They ship to select countries internationally but the cost is based on weight
    • 2015 Black Friday Sales: they ran a 30% off site wide sale using a coupon code that was effective from Friday to Sunday
      • They also offered Missha for 40% off while MisshaUS was having their sale too
    • 2016 Black Friday Sales: Some blogs have said they will essentially run the same 30% off discount. They are currently offering 40% off of all Missha
    • In case you miss this sale here is 20% off your first purchase, click here


O Canada! Our Home and native land ~~~~ Canadian Shops


  • BisouBeautyBar

    • Based in Canada – I also like to call them BBB like the better business bureau
    • Carries Korean Skincare and Makeup
      • You can find brands like illi, innisfree, polatam, banilaco, cosrx and more
    • They Ship to
      • Canada starting at $10 and the free shipping threshold is $65
      • the USA starting at $18 and the free shipping threshold is $75
    • In my experience and for my friends who have shopped with Bisou, they always pack things up nicely and give a lot of samples, but enough of each type where you can test out the product for a week or more
    • 2015 Black Friday Sale: they had a percent off bracket: i.e. spend $100 and get 20% off, $150 and you get 25% off and $200+ you get 20% off
      • I believe they also had a special shop section of the website that I thiiink extended through December that was filled with some special curated items from Lapcos and some pretty good discounted items
    • 2016 Black Friday Sale: Starts 11/22

      • Take 20% off all orders with code bisou20
      • Take 25% off all orders over $100 with code bisou25
      • Take 30% off all orders over $250 with code bisou30

  • anfcosmetics

    • Based in Canada
    • Carries Korean and Taiwanese Beauty Products
      • You can find Annie’s way, banilaco, paparecipe, jayjun and more
    • They ship to
      • Canada starting at $10 and the free shipping threshold is $75
      • The USA starting at $15 and the free shipping threshold is C$75
      • They do not currently ship internationally but it says coming soon on their website
    • 2015 Black Friday Sale:
    • 2016 Black Friday Sale: 40% off of all orders using code BLACK2016 started 11/19 and ends 11/28

~Single Brands in the USA~

  • imagesMissha US

    • They have a US HQ and warehouse
    • They always carry the main missha lines and products, but don’t always have the limited edition collaborations
    • They ship to
      • The United States and affiliated territories that USPS ships to but the fee varies on how quickly you want your items, free shipping threshold is $40
    • My experience with Missha
      • I first shopped with this site black Friday 2015, one item, an eye cream ended up going out of stock so they took it off my order and refunded me the money. However, their website was not updated at any time reflecting stock. This did not affect my free shipping or gift with purchase
      • I’ve ordered again since then and like before I got my order in a timely manner, lots of samples and gift with purchase was always included
    • 2015 Black Friday Sale, Started on Friday with 12hrs being a special 50% off of everything in their shop and a 40% off special taking over after that
    • 2016 Black Friday Sale: 40% off of everything in shop started 11/18 and will finish 11/30. I anticipate them offering a special 50% off promo on black Friday but there hasn’t been an announcement yet, I would sign up for their emails.


  • Leaders USA

    • They have a US HQ and warehouse
    • They carry more than just Leader’s masks, they some skincare and body items as well.
      • But really I’m stalking them because I love the coconut gel masks
    • They ship to the USA starting at $5.95, Free shipping threshold is $50
    • 2015 Black Friday sale: They offered 50% off of everything on their website and most sold out the first day of the sale
    • 2016: They recently ran a 20% off sale and have some sets on sale currently but I’m holding out hope they have another promotion like their 50% off sale last year


  • The Lotus USA

    • I don’t know too much about this brand but they do have US offices
    • They carry a variety of lotus brand masks, and skincare
    • Free shipping threshold is $50
    • I bought a few items from the P&L sample sale, and I love them all, the mists and the essence lotion (I have non-sensitive dry skin btw)
    • 2015 Black Friday: no idea
    • 2016 Black Friday: 40% off of everything using code BLACK2016 and is usable from 11/21-11/27

Shops in Korea that Ship Internationally


  • EtudeHouse

    • This is their global website
    • They carry a wide variety of skincare, makeup and personal items
    • They ship to many countries but it all varies on weight and region
      • free shipping threshold is $50
    • What is awesome about Etudehouse global is that their coupons can be used on already on sale items. #bonussavings
    • What is not so awesome is that their checkout screen is kinda glitchy and it’s easy to lose your gifts with purchase
      • If this happens and you notice your gift missing on your invoice email immediately.
    • Black Friday 2015: If I remember correctly they had a 40% off of everything  coupon
    • Black Friday 2016: They have a 40% off of everything coupon lasts 11/22-11/28


  • Skin18

    • Located in Hong Kong
      • They have warehouses in china and the US as well
    • They began with just carrying sheetmasks and masks, but they have started carrying more skincare and makeup
    • They ship internationally and free shipping starts at 40/60 depending on where you are.
    • They do offer a lot of different promotions but you can only use one code per order/set of freebies per order
      • You can get 5 freebies per order
      • or if you’re under the free shipping threshold you can sometimes get a free shipping code
    • 2015 Black Friday
    • 2016 Black Friday: on 11/25 all items will be 50% off for one day.
  • BBCosmetic

    • They are headquartered in Korea, but have some inventory in the US as well (I believe this is linked to their Amazon shop)
    • They carry a wide variety of brands
      • They stock makeup, skincare and body items
    • Their shipping is FREEEEEE and they ship internationally too
      • If you want express you gotta pay tho
    • I’ve ordered a couple times from them, samples are hit or miss for me, but for most of my friends they always get samples which generally consist of some puffs and packets
    • 2015 Black Friday
    • 2016 Black Friday: no word yet, but they’re running some daily discounts for 50% off select items it’s worth keeping track of especially since the free shipping makes ordering a single item much easier


Keep Checking back for more updates


  1. BabyAjumma

    I was waiting for this list! Thank you so much! I wonder what Amazon will do in light of their K-beauty section… Also I have been checking out which has a ton of Korean/Japanese brands and clothes/home stuff to boot. They are already having an extra 15% off if you spend over $49 I believe? Cross checking with the other sites it depends on what you are looking for that has reasonable pricing and some stuff is comparable or much cheaper. I haven’t had personal experience buying yet but have friend that who have had positive experiences.

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