Asian Beauty Blog Party Interview with Julie from PDXbeautiful


I discovered her Blog last year as well as her Instagram! and through a Reddit Asian Beauty Meetup in Portland we were able to meetup in person ^_^ And now we’re blogging buddies *queue collective awe*

Without further adieu, here is my interview with Julie from PDXbeautiful

  • What is your background? I’ve been in the cosmetics industry for 18 years now and have worked as an Esthetician
    • Education? I am in the process of getting my masters in Teaching (MAT) I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology.
    • Work? I am a medical esthetician
    • Hobbies? I love to read. I love doing research on skin care products, ingredients etc, supplements and healthcare related info. I am kind of a nerd in that sense. I love learning new things. I love watching neflix or HGTV in my down time. Family is very important so spending as much time as I can with family. With work, school and family I don’t have a lot of free time so I don’t have many hobbies. I do love to cook, bake, garden, and practice my photography. My fiance and I just purchased a house so we like to do little home improvement projects when we have the time and money!
    • Lyfe? I don’t lead a very exciting life. I am kind of an introvert so going to bars and clubs are not my thing. I am basically a big nerd who reads and researches a lot. Graduate school and being a Mom keeps me super busy!
  • How did you get into blogging?
    • I actually started making youtube videos. I did that for a few years but then transitioned into blogging. Youtube what great because I met some really great people but it is very time consuming and I found blogging to be easier. I also suffer with fibromyalgia so being able to blog and share my love for beauty is easier since I can blog anywhere, even in bed in pj’s. Recently I have jump on this Instablogging idea so I am on Instagram a lot!
  • Blogging Interests?
    • Of course skin care. I love color too but my passion is for skin care
  • Blogging Goals?
    • I would love to blog at least once per week. Right now I am focused more on Instablogging.
  • How much time do you spend blogging?
    • My blog posts take forever so that is why I have been spending the majority of my time on Instagram. Instablogging is quick and easy while writing up a blog post is time consuming.
    • Here is Julie’s instagram @pdxbeautiful
  • How does blogging fit into you life?
    • Again, Instablogging fits into my life. It’s quick and easy, especially since I have so much going on with school, work and family. I love taking photograph’s so Instablogging has found a place inside my heart. I will still continue to write blog posts at least once per week, especially for more in depth reviews.
  • What are some of your favorite blogs to read?
    • I don’t have any specific blogs that I read. I usually find blogs to read when reading through the Asian Beauty sub on Reddit. I also find blog posts to read on Instagram as well.
  • What got you into Asian Beauty? I first began my journey into AB when I married my now ex-husband who is Asian. I am kind of obsessive compulsive about sunscreen and began to learn about Japanese sunscreens and things just took off from there. My interests have since shifted to Korean beauty because of the advanced technology in product development. I also love the Korean approach to skin care.
    • What are some of the countries you buy products from?
      • I buy a lot of my products from Korea, some Japanese sunscreens and some US organic beauty brands like Acure and One Love Organics, Skin Owl and Andalou
    • What are some of your favorite brands?
      • I’m kind of obsessed with Leejiham, Cosrx and Sulwhasoo
  • What type of American Brands you like? I do not buy many US brands but when I do I usually stick with organic brands.
    • What do you look for in a brand?
      • Ingredients are the first thing I consider
  • What type of skin do you have? Or what are your skincare goals?
    • My skin is normal to combination. I have pretty sensitive skin and am highly acne prone.
  • On an average day, what would be your daytime & nighttime routine?
    • It honestly depends on the day and how my skin feels. I teach clients I see to “listen” to what their skin needs. Some days I just do basic cleansing, toning and hydrating with a cream or lotion but other days my skin needs extra love or detoxing.
  • What are your favorite scents?
    • I love lavender, rose and hanbang herbal scents
  • What is your favorite packaging?
    • Although I love cute packaging, I don’t fall for a product just because the packing is adorable. I focus on the ingredients and what the product will do for my skin care needs.
  • Do you have a favorite line?
    • I really love Cosrx, Klairs, Sulwhasoo and LJH
  • Any favorite skincare ingredients?
    • Tea tree, centella, arbutin, niacinamide, ceramides, vitamin c, tretinoin. I also love different types of clays for detoxing. I also swear by Spearmint tea for acne!
  • What is your favorite animal?
    • I love cats. I really love all animals…one reason why I am vegetarian
  • What movie do you think deserves a sequel?
    • I’m simple, pb&j
  • Do you have a favorite Olympic event?
    • Winter: ice skating, speed skating, hockey.
    • Summer: swimming, diving, track, gymnastics
  • How do you like your eggs?
    • I don’t eat eggs by themselves but I’ll eat stuff made with eggs
  • Do you prefer window, middle or aisle seating in coach?
    • I prefer the window seat!


I hope you enjoyed my interview! ^_^ Definitely check out Julie’s blog and instagram! There are more interviews to come! Stay tuned!

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