Asian Beauty Blog Party – Our Vanities or lack thereof

We thought it would be fun to do a post showing our vanities. This was before my move and before I went to Ikea. I’ve now moved and made a couple Ikea trips and yet I still lack a vanity. What you’re about to witness is a showcase of… my modesty? I’m not sure what the opposite or lack thereof would be for a vanity, but I still lack one.


If I’m not at my computer desk I’m usually sitting at my folding Korean table. These are lower than most American coffee tables in my opinion and my fiance hates sitting at them. But they are what I grew up using so I like to eat and study and hang out around them. It also places my dogs in close proximity to me.



I used to use a plastic bin from Daiso to hold my skincare, but Ive decided to work on my arm-strength and transition to using a small wooden crate. My toner and cleansers I keep in the bathroom so these are the items often relegated to the bedroom but for now I’ve brought them out.


Lots of goodies in here. Before my half year of moving and being ready to move etc. I was on a more stringent testing schedule. Now I’m short-term focused on using up products that are near expiration. Once back into the swing of things you might start to see complete lines appear once again.



I’m still not done organizing, my cosmetic spatulas are everywhere and anywhere. But I generally like to keep them penned up in a soju shotglass. That way if I get the inclination to sanitize them, I can pour some isopropyl alcohol right on them.


Basket of things I often reach for and things that have to be used lest they go bad. Annie’s Way, I think that they need to come up with smaller jars. With 3 month expiration after opening I’m seriously overdue to finish this dude up. That or I’m way to conservative with the application.


Because I’m trying to find a less expensive hydrocolloid I went with nexcare. I like COSRX hydrocolloids better but, they were getting kind of spendy. I love the COSRX extractors because I like to live dangerously and these are easier to find than my etude house extractor which is consistently lost in my apt. These Aritaum travel packs were super useful on the road. I love them and need to do a review proclaiming my adoration.


My routine for this week!


My makeup stash aka what it generally looks like when I decide to put on my face. My green box is from Marshalls, but it was part of the Sephora Pantone Emerald collection… naturally I would find discounted years later. It’s where I keep my most used makeup items on hand. I’ve been *trying* to wash my brushes once a week. I usually have multiples of my eyeshadow brushes so that’s a little more tolerable.

Well, that’s more than I could fit in a few instagram posts! I hope you enjoyed a peek into my messy lyfe.

For more vanities or non-vanities check out the rest of the party!




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