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Last round of party posts! Its hard to find a single product for all of us to review, but sheetmasks… well everyone has those and the overlap is much more likely. It’s been pretty fun getting to know all these lovelies! So please enjoy some of our thoughts around favorite flavors, brands or types of masks!

Our fearless leader, she loves My Scheming


My pick is the My Scheming brand! This brand was a new discovery for me this year and I’m loving what I’ve learnt so far. They’re not overly expensive and can be bought in boxes which makes daily masking less guilt inducing. I also love the packaging. In the herbal anti acne mask which I’m wearing the girl is hitting the acne with a mallet. Which is something I wish I could do!
They come with a plastic backing which makes using them easier and are absolutely dripping in essence. There’s enough for me to slather my face, neck and décolletage in it. This particular type is moisturizing and does help with my redness. It contains green tea, witch hazel, chamomile, aloe and Orris among other ingredients.
Definitely a repurchase for me.

And here is the link to her post



Pee16-05-28-23-20-01-314_decop-thoughts: I am a big fan of the price point of these masks along with the cute packaging. They do have a lot of adorable illustrations. I think that their formulas are good, and fairly true to function and they have such a wide range of formulas that pretty much everyone can find a mask from the line that they like!

The fit of the masks are quite good, as their fiber material is quite thin and malleable = they form fit! They also come with a large amount of essence. This works out well for people looking to have extending masking sessions or have extra essence applied to their bodies.

So do I like them? Not really. I don’t like to spend so much time masking especially when the mask kind of forces me to be still. I am a puttering fiend at home, and these though they do fit better than most masks, still start to slip if I’m wandering about. Also the essence, there’s just too much of it for my tastes. and I feel like it doesn’t quite absorb well into my skin. The sheer volume inhibits the rest of my routine from absorbing as well as it could. And spreading it on my body? Oh no, the essence dries tacky. And I don’t want to keep layering more lotion on top of it to get rid of how sticky it is.

Our amazing graphic designer: She loves Aloe masks especially Missha’s


 I chose a Missha Pure Source cell sheet mask with Aloe mainly because of the key ingredient Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is one of my favourite ingredients for not only moisturizing but also calming and soothing the skin. In summer my favorite is a cooled aloe sheet mask which I placed in the fridge before using it.

And here is the link to her post:

Pe16-05-28-23-31-43-552_decoep Thoughts: I haven’t used too many Missha masks but I do love aloe as an ingredient for masks. I definitely agree with Laven’s use of the sheetmask in the summer and chilled. one of the nice ways to help cool and soothe the skin. I did try a few flavors of sheetmasks while in Hawaii and I found that the cooling effect of the masks was nice to help heal the sunburn, but wasn’t quite as effective as putting some aloe gel on it. I would say that the combo of sheetmask + aloe gel is definitely a great solution if you find yourself with a radiation burn.

Where I also find aloe working well for me, is with pimples. After they’ve been popped (yes I know you shouldn’t do that) I will put some BHA and aloe over the wound. The acid plus anti-inflammatory combo works well for me and my skin. Not sure it would fit all skin types though.

I like to think of her as the Review Master with her favorite masks being the Benton Snail Bee


Benton Snail ? Bee ? High Content Mask Pack (Korea) This is one of my favorite masks for when my face feels really oily or has blemishes. I find it to be very soothing and helps reduce redness, while controlling oil and hydrating my skin. This mask is on the drier side as far as essence goes, but I find that the mask benefits outweigh that this is a bit drier. My face feels refreshed and if I have blemishes, they are less red and sore after I use this. Snail mucin will help moisturize and heal your skin and bee venom helps prevent blemishes. This mask is also good for sensitive skin as well. I really love this mask and I try to keep 5 to 10 on hand, as I am known just to slap this on in the morning as a quick pick-my-skin-up!

Visit her post here:

Peep thoughts: I have seen this essence do wonders for skin. And I would suspect for those who loved the essence, they would definitely love the sheetmask!16-05-28-23-18-36-284_deco I do recommend the essence for those who tend to have more sensitive skin and issues with redness/inflammation.

Unfortunately, I not a sensitive skin type and I don’t have that many redness issues so this essence really didn’t do much for me. Which is also why I never really ventured to try to sheetmask. I do like snail mucin, but this brand isn’t the best for me. I will say I never had any issues either with it.

My Beauty BFF and her mask of choice: Innisfree shea butter


The Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask in Shea Butter. This mask hydrates my skin like nobody’s business. The thick, milky essence not only hydrates but plumps and soothes. This does leave a slightly oily finish behind but that is one thing I love about this mask because it helps eliminate dehydration. I find I don’t need to apply a ton of moisturizer after using this mask. No matter what stress I put my skin through (yes, actives I’m looking at you) this always puts my skin back into proper balance. It also has a light but yummy creamy, nutty and buttery scent that I just adore. This mask is inexpensive and widely available as Innisfree is a very popular Korean cosmetic brand. The fit is great, lasts for about 30 minutes and as a bit of left over essence for extra hydration. I have not had any reaction, no sensitivity or irritation and no breakouts from this mask. Main ingredients include shea butter, hyaluronate and green tea.

You can find her post here:

Peep Thoughts: I love this line of masks, I find them affordable and with a wide range of flavors. Having such a large variety I feel confident in suggesting people to try them as they are more likely to find at least one they like. They also do their job, which is to moisturize, and some even have some extra moisturizing or even some temporary brightening effects. 16-05-28-23-21-59-558_decoI’ve sadly run out of innisfree shea masks, but I did pick up some nature republic ones which are quite similar in appearance and effect! One of my side life goals is to try every single flavor of innisfree in some sort of mega review!

I find their fit, though not always perfect is comfortable and fits a wide variety of face shapes. And their essences are generally a little thinner which makes them easier for my skin to absorb and they don’t dry as tacky.

Lastly, what does the momeranian like? Hydrogels!

This fancy one I got from petaluma & co! Its my most prettiest mask to date.


As a person who hates spending more an a dollar on a sheetmask, I found it funny that I prefer hydrogels #expensivetastes. For myself, its mostly a time and texture issue. I don’t like spending more than 30mins masking. I always have stuff to do and having to lay down with a mask is almost never something I do. Which means I need a mask that will stick to my face well. I find more often than not hydrogels, due to the way they conform to the face, will stay put allowing me to continue on with my business. I suspect that my dry skin is probably better suited to sticking to the gels as well.

Additionally, I also don’t really like sheetmasks that are sopping wet with essence. These are usually fiber masks, cotton, silk etc. Some do conform better than others, but I don’t like spending so much down time and I find that my skin doesn’t absorb all the extra essence. This leaves my skin tacky, even when I apply the essence elsewhere. This is probably why I tend to be quite picky about which non-gel masks I use since I like a thinner less gel like essence.


  1. Love this and how different we are in what we find appealing in masks. It’s precisely the drippiness of My Scheming which appeals to me. But maybe that’s why you’ve tagged me as “fearless” 😛

    Sophie | MapleTreeBlog

  2. MindYourBeauty

    Love the new blog look! Excited to read more and catch up on this fun blog party. I’m still in awe of that NR Shea Butter mask, it’s a dehydrated girls dream. Already have some in my KD cart!

  3. I love how detailed you talked about each sheetmask. I really want to try out some Shea Butter masks since I read Julie’s recommendation, too 😀

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