Botanic Farm Grain Ferment Cleansing Serbet Review

hooray for freshness

Back in September Botanic Farm US reached out to me to try out some of their products. This was one of them, which worked out well for me since I wanted to try it ever since I heard people say this was the best cleansing sherbet evarrrr

About the Brand

At Botanic Farm, we believe in going green and protecting the environment. That is why, the ingredients used in our products are grown on our farms. Our products are made from natural ingredients.

Originating from Daegu, South Korea, Emily Cosmetic began its research and production of cosmetic goods from as early as 2008, in the era of the Korean Cosmetic Industry’s “Golden 10 Years”. Riding along the Hallyu Waves, Korean cosmetics quickly won over Asian markets with its high quality products that come with an affordable price tag. It is during then Emily Cosmetic expanded its cosmetics market to the Asia Pacific region.

In 2010, Emily Cosmetic developed Botanic Farm – a line of natural cosmetics that go in line with an ecological philosophy. The cosmetics company worked closely with South Korea’s largest OEM skincare factory – Kolmar – in developing the series. The process took over 4 years and in 2014, Botanic Farm – Emily Cosmetic signature series was released to the market and received high praise. Emily Cosmetic will carry on with its research and development towards producing more skincare products that will benefit all.

My skin type

  • Dry Skin
  • Non- Sensitive (literally have not reacted to hundreds of products over the course of my lifetime)
  • Concerns
    • a few pronounced sebaceous filaments on the nose
    • The occasional pimple
    • inhibiting wrinkle formation
    • preventing cancer
    • getting rid of my dry patches

Grain Ferment Cleansing Sherbet

Sherbet cream makeup remover made from three types of organic grains: rice, rice bran, and soybeans. With just a small amount, this lightly fragranced sherbet removes layers of foundation and blush, stubborn excess from eyeliners, and other impurities on the surface of the face. After applying a pea-size amount of sherbet on a specific area, gently massage the area for 10-20 seconds to remove makeup, then wipe away excess with a cloth or tissue. The creme sherbet leaves a slightly oily finish that hydrates your skin. Grain Ferment Cleansing Sherbet comes with a small scoop for your convenience (from

I’ve used this for about a month straight and off and on in between to compare how it works to other oil cleansers. During the Halloween challenge I found it most useful in removing grease paint and eyeliner gently off my face

  • And for a quick rundown of the qualities of this sherbet
    • It has a suuuuuuper light scent… kinda peachy?
    • Feels smoother than any other sherbet I’ve used before (Tonymoly, banilaco, su:m37…)
    • Does work well to remove makeup even waterproof makeup, but I still like to start with a micellar water cotton pad to soak my eyes a bit
      • This helps to loosen the mascara I glob on
    • It has a surprisingly short ingredient list

Ingredients from CosDNA

Ingredient Function Acne Irritant Safety
Cetyl Ethylhexanoate

‧Synthetic ester
‧Viscosity Control
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride

PEG-20 Glyceryl Triisostearate


‧Viscosity Control
PEG-10 isostearate

Rice Ferment Filtrate

100 ppm (sake)
Rice Bran Ferment

soybean Ferment Extract


‧Viscosity Control
Tocopheryl Acetate

0 0
Butylene Glycol

1 0



13 ingredients… so small. It’s the type of list length I like to recommend to a wide audience. Also it has ferments in it. My skin loves fermented things… plants… massages.

To my favorite part… the comparison

These take longer to test out, but I feel like it’s more useful to the consumer world. Sooooo I decided It would be fun to compare it to Banilaco, a classic and probably the most famous brand, as well as Su:m37 who wins packaging and design awards

First I wanted to get a close up shot showing the texture difference

Banilaco >Botanic Farm> Su:m37

From left to right

  • Banilaco purity
  • Botanic Farm Grain Ferment
  • Su:m37 skin saver melting cleansing balm

None of these are gritty, but I would say that the botanic farm out of the three is the smoothest of the bunch. If you look above it makes the other two sherbets look sandy.

Unfortunately I only have 2 eyes so I decided to swipe this makeup on my arm for testing. I let it sit there for about 4 hours before attempting to remove the product

  • Benefit they’re real mascara
  • Clio Salon De Cara Roll brush
  • Eyeko Fat liquid liner
  • Peripera tint pen
  • the saem eco soul waterproof gel liner… literally the hardest liner to remove

This time I switched the order of the balms since I wanted the yellow su:m37 to help separate the two white ones

This is after 30 seconds of rubbing each sector

  • the banilaco seems to eat away at product the fastest
  • the su:37 is doing alright
  • the botanic farm is magically taking down the saem waterproof liner, but didn’t seem quite as fast as the banilaco

After another 30 seconds of massaging, su:m37 appeared to be slightly behind the banilaco and botanic farm in terms of removing the black liners. All three were powerless against the peripera tint marker

I then proceeded to wipe away the sherbet with some of these

And you can still see some residue, so you know, I followed directions and used water

After rinsing with water you can see all three actually did a pretty good job of removing the mascaras, liners and some of the tint. But that tint is strong. Peripera don’t mess around. That’s the tint you want to go clubbing with.

Ingredients Comparison

Botanic Farm Grain Ferment Banilaco Clean it Zero Purity Su:m37 Skin Saver Melting Cleansing Balm
Cetyl Ethylhexanoate Cetyl Ethylhexanoate Hydrogenated Polydecene
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
PEG-20 Glyceryl Triisostearate PEG-20 Glyceryl Triisostearate Triethylhexanoin
Polyethylene PEG-10 isostearate PEG-20 Glyceryl Triisostearate
PEG-10 isostearate Polyethylene Polyethylene
Rice Ferment Filtrate Argania spinosa Kernel Oil Cyclohexasiloxane
Saccharomyces/Rice bran Ferment Evening Primrose Oil Cetyl Ethylhexanoate
Lactobacillus/soybean Ferment Extract Portulaca Oleracea Extract PEG-30 SORBITAN TETRAOLEATE
Trihydroxystearin Licorice Root Extract Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate
Tocopheryl Acetate Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract Elaeis guineensis oil
Butylene Glycol Rosemary Leaf Extract Myristica Fragrans Extract
Phenoxyethanol Centella Asiatica Extract Citrus aurantium dulcis
Fragrance Matricaria Flower Extract Moringa Pterygosperma Seed Oil
Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract Citrus Aurantifolia Oil
Polygonum Cuspidatum Root Extract Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil
Althaea Rosea Flower Extract Eclipta Prostrata Extract
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil
Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract Melia Azadirachta Leaf Extract
Anthemis Nobilis Flower Water Sodium stearoyl glutamate
Epilobium Angustifolium Flower/Leaf/ Citral
Stem Extract Citronellol
Beta Carotene Limonene
Aqua Geraniol
Butylene Glycol Linalool
Glycerin Kluyveromyces/Lactobacillus/Apricot Kernel Oil Ferment Filtrate
Caprylhydroxamic acid
Caprylyl Glycol
Orange Peel Oil
Abies Sibirica Oil
Rosemary Leaf Oil
Lavender Oil

Even though all of these cleansers have worked fine for me, I would definitely recommend people to check out the botanic farm sherbet first. My reasoning behind this is that whenever you try something new, you run the risk of having a reaction (allergic, pimple etc.) When you have a short ingredient list, you will have a much easier time figuring out what could have irritated you. Even though I love my people’s (Korean) cosmetics for being filled to the brim with plant extracts, I know that not everyone will be able to tolerate all them plant bits on their face. And what’s worse, is that if a product like banilaco broke them out… good luck figuring out which ingredient irritated you.

ze magnificent trio

Final Thoughts

Overall this is a first/oil cleanser that I would even recommend my mother to try. It’s ulta smooth texture and light fragrance make this easy and inoffensive to use. It’s short ingredient list makes me feel comfortable recommending it to all skin types and concerns, plus it works just as well as the other popular brands. It’s often on sale and you can find it at the following locations in the USA.

  1. Botanic Farm’s US website for $30
  2. Memebox USA for $24

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  1. Sophie

    Is it bad that this review made me want to buy the lip tints! That’s some serious staying power.

    Though I do need to add a sherbert to my collection, just because I currently don’t have one.

    Sophie | MapleTreeBlog

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