Tosowoong Essence CC Cushion #22 Pink Beige Review aka Candy Swirl Makeup

Back in July contacted a slew of Kbeauty instagrammers to try a cushion from Tosowoong and I was included. I really like their method of launching a product. You can check out their launch post here, or just enjoy this excerpt Hello there, Beauty Lovers! So maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t… but for … [Read more…]

What Bananas Can Do for Wounds; Plus a Review of TonyMoly Banana Sleeping Pack, Hand Cream and Lip Balm

If I see a cosmetic product shaped as food I am powerless and must own it.   Thank god my insomnia – induced banana pen purchase arrived. My banana bag was starting to feel silly holding onto my banana hand cream and banana lip balm ??? #banana #바나나 #토니모리 #tonymoly #pen #yearofthemonkey #rasianbeauty #asianbeauty #koreanbeauty … [Read more…]

Sunscreen showdown 2K16: Review of Biore, Missha, TonyMoly, Sunbears and Holika Holika Sunscreens

Followers on my Instagram (@peepingpomeranian) and Snapchat (@peepingpompom) have already seen some of the testing and peeks at how the different sunscreens in my collection fared. But for the rest of the internet and posterity. It’s time to publish my process and results. Goal Test out 8 sunscreens to see how effective they were in … [Read more…]