HeroCosmetics Mighty Patch Review & Acne Survey part 1

Welcome welcome to my first post of 2018 and my first steps towards a dream of making random surveys for people to fill out. Ok, they’re not going to be random, but I do like adding in random questions on occasion.

The good people at Herocosmetics asked me if I wanted to host a giveaway, to which I have obliged. But in the spirit of trying new things I wanted to tie in a blog review AND a survey. I love talking to people and hearing their skincare journey, but sometimes I have more specific questions. The ABcommunity and skincarecommunity of Instagram is quite good at sharing their tips but sometimes I just want the sharing to occur in an extremely organized manner. I would like to share that information with you so that we may analyze the results and maybe learn something new!

So here is the survey link:

Acne Care Survey

Can you find it?

Hydrocolloid Patches?

Years ago when I got a blister I would cover it up with some oddly shaped hydrocolloids which at that point were just referred to as blister patches. Fast forward to me perusing the olden days of the r/AsianBeauty and these acne patches from nexcare were the first blemish patches I ever saw. Then came Cosrx and many other brands in suit, until Last year when Hero Cosmetics launched the Mighty patch and were giving them away like hotcakes on Instagram to try for free! Which is how I got my first box!

The Hero Cosmetics How to!

Their website has some fantastic little illustrations explaining what hydrocolloids do:

Check out dat moisture absorption

Hydrocolloid was originally designed for use as a bandage or dressing for wounds. It has a gel layer on one side that’s made of various ingredients such as pectin, gelatin and other things that help attract water and absorb fluids like pus. As it absorbs and attracts the fluid you’ll see the patch turn from transparent to opaque white. The white stuff is the fluid that the hydrocolloid has absorbed.”

The best time to use a hydrocolloid patch

“Since the nature of hydrocolloid is that it attracts water and fluid, Mighty Patch works best on pimples that have come to a head (i.e., you see white fluid or pus trapped in the pimple). If you have tried Mighty Patch and your sticker didn’t turn from transparent to opaque white it may be because your pimple was not “mature” enough or not the right type of blemish.”

And a clear demonstration

“Make sure that the pimple and blemish is thoroughly cleansed and dry. Apply Mighty Patch over the clean blemish and leave on until the sticker turns opaque and white. Change Mighty Patch when the sticker becomes opaque and white or as needed. Safe to use overnight while you sleep as well as during the day.”

How I like to use hydrocolloid patches

  • I put them over a blemish which hasn’t come to head:
  • covering a popped/extracted blemish so that it heals faster
    • Sometimes I follow the ‘good’ advice and use them on a whitehead but I am a picker and can’t resist
  • apply some vitamin C & some BHA or AHA to the area and seal it all in with a patch
    • slightly extreme, but this has helped me avoid some nasty hyperpigmentation when I get overzealous with extractions

A wild patch in action

What I thought of these patches

To me they’re most similar to Cosrx in terms of thickness, but more matte like coverdot acne patches. I’m planning a better comparison post, but for now please enjoy some comparison pictures

dat thiccness

Before I do a larger comparison I realize now that I am in need of a macro lens or should at the very least figure out the macro feature on my new phone.

In terms of price these are on the high end for me, they’re 12.34 for a box of 36 and the next highest priced brand I’ve tried is coverdot which comes in eerily close at 12.50 for 36. Cosrx acne patches vary in price; it’s best to buy them in a bundle since you can usually knock that price down to below 4 dollars, but in my experience they’re generally around 5 dollars for a pack of 24.

Where Hero shines is that they kept their dots one size. It was my biggest issue with cosrx and even nexcare was dealing with tiny patches that would fall off unless you had impeccably dry skin. That and they’re more matte and at a good thickness where they’re thin enough to appear invisible but thick enough where they’re still easy to apply and can soak up quite a bit of fluid.


  • Pros
    • Matte finish
    • All one size
    • Thin enough to be hard to see but not so thin where their absorption is limiting
    • You can buy them and most recently on Amazon and most recently they’ve brought themselves to Anthropologie
  • Cons
    • They’re on the high end of hydrocolloid patch pricing
      • I do like to buy patches in bulk so maybe they will come out with a double or triple box where the price dips a bit
    • I wish that they had a perforated sheet like coverdot where I could still have a little piece of paper to help me apply the dot, this greatly reduces the risk of the patch folding up on itself.
      • This isn’t a major issue, but is a feature I find quite handy.

I hope you’re having a great 2018


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