Holika Holika Gudetama Lazy & Easy Jelly Dough Blusher Review


Oh Gudetama, probably one of the greatest characters Sanrio has created yet. And it’s not just because I love eggs (if I don’t eat at least two a day I die #literally) it’s mostly his demeanor and little butt. So when Holika Holika advertised the collection, you can be sure my heart stopped momentarily


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Launch day arrives and I start stalking every single Korean buying service and store for confirmation that they have stock available since when I called the Flushing store they told me the collection was only sold in Korea T_T ….luckily Jolse was one of the first to carry this line

Part 1: The packaging


This smiling one is the grapefruit color

These are smaller than the standard BB cushion case. Which is fine since you don’t need to cover your entire face in blush. They’re plastic and have the traditional latch closure… which is secured with a strip of bacon *swoon*


It should be noted that since Gudetama is owned by Sanrio, you can expect to find a Sanrio Korea authenticity sticker on the packaging. And as with most Korean cosmetics you’ll find either a manufacturing date or an expiration date. In this case we have an expiration date on the bottom of the blush


The two colors (left) grapefruit and (right) plum

Each case has a mirror and puff, plus a little plastic protector which I recommend keeping to protect the mousse/marshmallow like blush. It’s hard to describe, but if you’ve use Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy Blush then you will know exactly what this feels like.


He wants to be alone

A closeup


The puffs included are a bit different in material


On the left we have a normal cushion puff and on the right the gudetama blush puff

They’re a little shiny, and kind of a sticky smooth material. Sort of reminds me of those stress reliever squishy dolls. Not spongy like a normal cushion puff


They’re also a little smaller, making it possible to only fit a finger in the band.

Part 2: Texture and Application

left grapefruit which is shade 1 and right is plum which is shade 2

left grapefruit which is shade 1 and right is plum which is shade 2

As aforementioned these are called jelly dough blush… which speaks to the almost solid mousse or maybe its like dry marshmallow fluff… it’s hard to place, but I can say that the maybelline bouncy blush is remarkably similar.

grapefruit left and plum right

grapefruit left and plum right

It feels wet, but after getting it on your skin it changes to a powdery feeling


There’s also no scent to them. At least to me.


It actually takes  a few light presses to get the blush on the puffs provided.


What I like most about these is that they go on kind of sheer. Since I’m not very good at blush application, this type of product lets me practice my application.


It’s definitely a build-able coverage, this is the grapefruit shade above


And if you notice the plum is actually the more pigmented of the two. I used two coats of blush on each cheek and the plum stood out the most. I prefer only one layer of that shade. For the grapefruit I can go a little darker and it seems to match my natural blush a little better.

Part 3: Final thoughts & where to get it!

I love these guys. Normally I never wear blush, I tend to just stick with bronzer but with these I feel like I can start wearing a little blush comfortably. The main thing I like about these is that they apply really well on top of BB cream and don’t seem to get cakey on the dewey finishes.

I’d definitely recommend checking these out from Jolse here they’re only around 11 dollars a piece and they will probably last quite awhile. Plus their expiration is two years out.

Also please enjoy Jolse’s Gudetama Blush image below

gudetama LAZY&EASY Jelly Dough Blusher


  1. MindYourBeauty

    I’ve always wanted to try a purple shade blusher , but I’m scared. I love the sheen of these. Also, the butt & the bacon just make me freaking happy. I may need to add more gudetama to my new nail collection. Xoxo

  2. Loooove this review. Says pretty much everything I would have said about them. The plum really brightens up your face, and the grapefruit is very natural looking. –Angela

  3. Excellent review as always. I think I need this but task I lurve blush!!! And the price is so right. Aaannddddd plum blushes are my fave!!!!!

  4. I actually have the Maybelline bouncy blushes, but uh, these are like 100000 times cuter! I agree, Gudetama is the best thing to happen to Sanrio since they first came out with the iconic Hello Kitty! Add Gudetama to anything, and I’m like “I WANT THIS NOW”!

  5. I really like the grapefruit on your face. It looks very nice and natural. The plum one looks very schoolgirl-esque! I’m still debating getting one of these, as I need a new blusher, but I haven’t got on well with cream blush much. Forgive me if you said in your review, as I couldn’t see it, but how long did it last on your skin?

    • Peepingpomeranian

      Thank you! Yes I think the grapefruit is much better now that I’ve seen it in pictures, I got the plum first and thought it was the better match, but I agree its a little to schoolgirl ^_^;;; And no I forgot to mention wear time!! Newb mistake! They seem to last about as long as the bbcream lasts which can vary depending on weather and what your doing but I’d say they definitely last the work day!

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