My pore strip method & sheetmask reviews

I got Skin18'd as my instafriend and fellow blogger @rinsoo termed

I got Skin18’d as my instafriend and fellow blogger @rin_soo coined

I saw that was advertising for reviewers and I applied. A few weeks later I got a lovely assortment of masks and brands I never used before


But I do know why most of you are here… and that is to hear about how I used the infamous pore strips.

You might remember me posting this

Bored on a Friday? Why not pore strips? ? only if you’re skin is ready for some intense exfoliating. I apologize for my filament showcase but I felt if I didn’t show the results people might not believe me ? I’ve gotten to where I only need a pore strip once every week to two weeks. What I’ve found helps ensure that the strip can remove as many sebaceous filaments as possible is using a BHA soaked cotton pad for about 10 mins before using the strip. The idea behind doing is that BHA is oil soluble unlike AHAs and will help loosen the oily plugs that start to get a little too big for my liking. These strips I received to review from @skin18com and they are by the brand luke. They’re very similar to Biore except these smell like lemon herbal tea imo. I’m pretty happy with this and will probably pick up some more! @skin18com_usa is actually having a giveaway now for some of these strips too so if you’re interested check them out! ??? #skin18 #lukeporestrip #porestrip #rasianbeauty #asianbeauty #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #koreancosmetic #kbeauty #instablogger #instablogging #instabeautyblogging #beautyblogger #beautyblogging #instaskincare #skincare #스킨 #스킨케어 #코스매틱 #화장품 #뷰티 #exfoliating #blackheads

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And for a lot of people I do see them throw a lot of shade and hate towards the pore strips. And I totally understand. They can be very damaging to certain types of skin. But let’s get into this

My Pore Strip Method & Background

For starters, my skin is dry and non-sensitive. I also physically exfoliate either through scrubs or gently using a soft italy towel because I get lots of flakes. These flakes make my foundation/BB cream look awful and they impede product absorption.

So why did I turn to pore strips? Well I was getting what some people call “strawberry nose” where my sebaceous filaments were large and pronounced to the point where you can feel them and see them as little bumps. You could even almost scratch them out they were getting so large. I was double cleansing and using BHA occasionally but the sebaceous filaments on my nose were getting larger than I wanted. (I would like to mention that the ‘blackheads’ on your nose are not blackheads but rather sebaceous filaments that you cannot get rid of, they will always be there its just their size you can alter for better or worse)

For most of my life I had used Biore pore strips for the nose. And these were hit or miss, meaning that sometimes I would use one, and nothing would come out. I would turn to using 2 strips in a row, since the first one would essentially exfoliate my nose allowing the second to pull out the filaments. This is a terrible way to try to diminish your pore size and was what probably led me to get strawberry nose in the first place. PLEASE DO NOT DO MULTIPLE STRIPS IN A ROW.

I got to thinking, and decided that maybe I would use those ‘science’ degrees I worked so hard for to maybe think about what I could use to help diminish the size of my sebaceous filaments on my nose. I remember reading on beauty articles that BHA can help reduce the size of pores over time if used consistently. And it does in my experience, but it wasn’t helping my nose. I figured I still needed to remove the filaments occasionally and that manual extraction would just leave my nose bloody.

Since BHA is the oil-soluble acid I wondered if using a little BHA on my nose BEFORE using a pore strip would help me pull out more filaments. So here is what I did:

Step 1: gather BHA serum and cotton pad

Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid & Muji natural cotton pads

Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid & Muji natural cotton pads

This is a 5% BHA serum. I’ve used a 2% before and it seems to work about the same.

Step 2: Soak the cotton pad in the BHA serum and apply to nose

It was an intense cooling sensation on my nose and I liked it

It was an intense cooling sensation on my nose and I liked it (please ignore hormonal acne T_T)

I’ve let this pad soak on my nose for anywhere from 2mins to 10 mins. It all depends on the time I have. I find that leaving it on my nose for about 5mins seems like a nice sweet spot. I wasn’t too worried about timing for the cotton pad since I use this serum on my face and don’t rinse it off. I do find that using the soaked cotton seemed to be more effective than just letting the serum dry on the nose.

Step 3: Remove cotton, apply a little more water to nose and/or apply water to pore strip

Some people wet their nose, others wet the strip. I do both because after all these years it still has dry spots

Some people wet their nose, others wet the strip. I do both because after all these years it still has dry spots

What I found to help when pore strips don’t get wet enough is to take a damp tissue and apply it on top over the strip to get the adhesive a little more wet.


No I don’t have a bloody nose, I’m just trying to make sure the pore strip is wet enough

Step 4: Removal

Ok this is where I see people do some crazy things. Don’t rip this off like a bandaid. Use your fingernails on each side to gently lift up both sides of the strip and slowly peel it off.


There is my gross success.


And here is the brand I used. This was my first time. I only had one strip and I got it to work. Usually when I only get one of something I mess it up somehow.

Warnings: cuz we responsible in this hood

Pore strips are not for everyone and they can be very damaging.

I do not recommend these for:

  • People with sensitive skin
  • People who cannot physically exfoliate
  • People using retinol/tretinoin as your skin becomes thin on the short-term
  • If you can’t get facial waxes don’t do pore strips

But if you’re like me and are looking at ways to reduce strawberry nose, here was my schedule that seemed to remedy the situation after a couple months

  • Use peepingpomeranian BHA pore strip method once a week
  • Use BHA serum at a concentration of 2%-5% everyday or at least 5/7 days a week.

Now I find that I don’t need to use BHA that often. Maybe once a week as a serum all over my face. And I only need to use pore strips (or other peeling packs) maybe once or twice a month. Three times a month if I’m wearing a lot of makeup consistently. My nose doesn’t get pronounced sebaceous filaments anymore and I find that the pores/sebaceous filaments look smaller to me. I wish I had a better phone/camera to take a nice zoomed in shot since I’m quite proud of my accomplishment, but I guess you’ll have to take my word on it. I’ll happily let you look at my nose if we ever meet in person 😀


Skin18 Review Bundle!

Ben & Sera 30 Days Anti-Aging Project

Focus is for Anti-Wrinkle/Whitening/Moisturizing

Ingenious sample

Ingenious sample container, but be careful! It squirts out easily

It’s full of some amazing ingredients which you can find on their website Click here

But I really want to get a bottle of this in the future to test it out for at least a month. This syringe they say should last you about 10-20 days/uses. But I think it more between 5-10 days depending on if you’re using one or two drops

The texture of this serum reminds me of the Banilaco essence oil. As a dry skinned person I have a natural attraction to thicker and more oily serums. It’s only 1.20 USD on skin18 and they actually have different flavors of this line.

In the end I really liked the consistency and ingredients (since it was packed full of brightening and hydrating items) but I feel like I’d need a bottle in order to test it out more thoroughly. I would definitely recommend people check it out since there are generous samples available.

Mirum Fresh Fruit Cucumber mask

For Hydrated Skin (also my best Chris Hansen impression)

Mmm procrastination sheetmasking. The best kind of sheet masking. Trying out the Mirum cucumber sheet mask from @skin18com reviewer package. Never heard of this brand but it had a nice comfortable fit and a very light little bit sweet smell. It has a watery essence which is the kind I like the most and lasted about 20 mins before my lower face sucked all the moisture out. I left it on for 10 more minutes and patted in the rest of the essence. Not too sticky. A little brightening due to the evaporative cooling but mostly a nice way to keep a watery essence on the face. I liked this mask. ???#mirum #cucumber #sheetmask #sheetmasking #masklife #sheetfaced #rasianbeauty #asianbeauty #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #koreancosmetic #kbeauty #instablogger #instablogging #instabeautyblogging #beautyblogger #beautyblogging #instaskincare #skincare #스킨 #스킨케어 #코스매틱 #화장품 #뷰티 #review #instareviews #reviewer

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I found the fit very comfortable and its actually availble for free (if you want to pay shipping) or you can add it onto your order as a freebie

LomiLomi Acerola 7 Skin Scheduler Friday Recovery Mask

For moisturizing and increasing skin elasticity. Hands down the most comfortable mask of the three and with an amazing essence to boot.

Acerola mask from @skin18com ???Friends from the tropics what does this fruit taste like and smell like? ???I’ve never had it. . . . . Another very soft and comfortable mask. Lasts about 45 mins and has sweet smelling thin gel essence. Nicely hydrating.Would definitely use again, but I didn’t notice any extraordinary effects. Mask was provided free to review ? #skin18com #lomilomi #acerola #sheetmask #sheetmasking #masklife #sheetfaced #skincare #스킨 #스킨케어 #코스매틱 #화장품 #뷰티 #rasianbeauty #asianbeauty #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #koreancosmetic #kbeauty #instablogger #instablogging #instabeautyblogging #beautyblogger #beautyblogging #instaskincare #instabeauty #beauty #instamakeup #naturalskincare

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SOC Animal Cutie Mask Pack Whitening Aqua Panda

Who doesn’t love animal masks. I mean, if you’re on social media… these are a necessity… for the likes

Coco really didn’t like this mask. I had to chase her around the house. HAD to. This is my last mask from @skin18com and it’s the first animal mask I’ve used I think. This is the Animal Cutie Mask Pack Whitening aqua Panda. What’s kind of weird about it is that the black eye portions are actually really stiff but they still bend around the eye pretty well for me. For most character masks I am expecting garbage, but the essence on this one wasn’t bad. It did dry sticky which can mess up further routine application but you can also wipe a bit off. Overall cute mask, scares dogs and is pretty moisturizing but not as whitening as others #skin18com #skin18 #sheetmask #sheetmasking #masklife #sheetfaced #skincare #스킨 #스킨케어 #코스매틱 #화장품 #뷰티 #rasianbeauty #asianbeauty #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #koreancosmetic #kbeauty #instablogger #instablogging #instabeautyblogging #beautyblogger #beautyblogging #mask #masklife #makeup #makeupaddict #review #instareviews

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Well for those of you who stuck through till the end… Cheers! And if anything here is of interest to you check out Skin18 who sponsored these masks, nose strip and serum sample.


  1. Thank you for the thorough review! Just a question on your recommendation When you use the BHA (2-5%) daily or 5 times a week, are you referring to using the cotton bad and soaking method still, or applying to problem areas, waiting a little while, then moving to other skincare steps? I, too, suffer from ‘strawberry nose’ 🙁 I had tried your wet-the-strip method after asking you on IG, but the Luke charcoal strip was a bit of a mess for me. I’ll try it again with the biore strips I have, and use your damp tissue method instead! Thank you for sharing!!

    • Peepingpomeranian

      Ah, good question! I will apply the BHA all over my face with either a cotton pad or just my hands. If you’re having issues with the adhesive try getting a spray bottle with water to spray both the strip and your nose. Then if it’s still not wet enough I’d move to tissue

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