Neon Sk-5D Digital Skin Care Analyzer review using Laneige Hydration Trail Kit

At the beginning of 2016 I started a last minute new year’s resolution to use up the Laneige Hydration trial kit I had purchased in the fall of 2015. But like any procrastinating scientist I also had the instant inspiration for a sort of observation study using the kit along with the Skin analyzer I had bought last year as well. Additionally I wanted to be able to create a method for skin analysis that could help people establish a baseline of comparison for products.



So here it is, my observational study on myself

Purpose: Assess Laneige hydration trial kit using the digital skin analyzer to establish a baseline for future product comparisons.


  1. SK-5D Digital Skin Analyzer: Measures Skin Oil and Water content (this is not a top of the line device)
  2. Laneige Hydration Trial Kit
    1. Laneige Multi Cleanser 30ml
    2. Laneige Power essential Skin toner 50ml
    3. Laneige Balancing emulsion 50ml
    4. Laneige Water Bank Serum 30ml
    5. Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream 20ml
  3. Mini Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons
    1. Tad for 1/2 tsp volume measurement
    2. Dash for 1/8 tsp volume measurement
  4. 90% Isopropyl Alcohol
  5. Cotton Pads from Daiso & Qtip brand Qtips
  6. Notebook & Pen
  7. 16-03-11-19-45-11-456_deco.jpg






  • Product Application
    • Morning
      • Wash face with water only
      • 1/2 tsp toner applied to face, neck and decolletage
      • 1/8 tsp serum
      • 1/8 tsp emulsion
      • 1/8 tsp cream
    • Night
      • Wash face with 1/8 tsp of cleanser
      • 1/2 tsp toner applied to face, neck and decolletage
      • 1/8 tsp serum
      • 1/8 tsp emulsion
      • 1/8 tsp cream
      • 1/8 tsp sleeping mask
  • Skin Measurements
    • Morning & Night measurements taken before and after cleansing & skincare routine
    • Point measurements taken on Forehead, Cheekbone and Chin
    • Measurements sets taken approximately 12hours apart each day
    • Example
      • Morning Prewash measurements: Forehead, Cheek, Chin
      • Morning Postwash measurements (~5mins after skincare products applied) Forehead, Cheek, Chin
      • approximately 12 hours later
      • Night Prewash measurements: Forehead, Cheek, Chin
      • Night Postwash measurements:(~5mins after skincare products applied) Forehead, Cheek, Chin
      • 16-03-12-12-44-48-973_deco.jpg

        Here is an example from my lab notebook of a day’s worth of recordings

  • Sanitization
    • After taking a reading with the skincare analyzer, I soak head of qtip in Isopropyl alcohol and swab the circuit surface wait ~15 seconds for alcohol to dry before taking another reading to ensure that no product residue would interfere with successive readings
    • After using measuring spoons take a cotton pad soaked in isopropyl alcohol or by using soap and water clean the spoons for later use.
  • Duration of Study
    • Starting on the night of January 1st 2016 and ending on January 19th 2016
    • The end of the study was determined when I ran out of at least one product, This was the cream moisturizer.

Data Collected

After entering my findings into excel. Here’s an exert below

Oil 1/1/2016
Morning Prewash Forehead
Morning Prewash Cheek
Morning Prewash Chin
Morning Postwash Forehead
Morning Postwash Cheek
Morning Postwash Chin
Night Prewash Forehead
Night Prewash Cheek
Night Prewash Chin
Night Postwash Forehead 17.5
Night Postwash Cheek 20.6
Night Postwash Chin 20.7
Morning Prewash Forehead
Morning Prewash Cheek
Morning Prewash Chin
Morning Postwash Forehead
Morning Postwash Cheek
Morning Postwash Chin
Night Prewash Forehead
Night Prewash Cheek
Night Prewash Chin
Night Postwash Forehead 35.6
Night Postwash Cheek 45.8
Night Postwash Chin 46

I decided to separately look at oil and water findings in order to first average the Daily measurements so that I could treat each data point as the average moisture/oil percentage for the entire face.

Then I proceeded to manipulate the tables, putting the night postwash readings before the morning pre-wash readings to reflect the results of the skincare products immediately after application and then 12hours after application.

Oil 1/1/2016 1/2/2016
Night Postwash Forehead 17.5 20.6
Night Postwash Cheek 20.6 22.7
Night Postwash Chin 20.7 22
Average Oil % for whole face 19.6 21.76667
Morning Prewash Forehead 15.3
Morning Prewash Cheek 16.2
Morning Prewash Chin 16.8
Average Oil % for whole face 16.1

I then took the average readings and plotted them using a line graph in excel




Without having an excel plugin for wordpress I just took screen shots of my graphs.#lackofskills

Results & Interpretation

  • I was expecting irregularity in the measurements since I don’t expect a 20 dollar bio-impedance analyzer to give me 100% consistency and accuracy.
    • Some causes of irregularity?
      • the amount of water intake
      • the ambient humidity
      • whether or not I took a shower/bath
      • how much caffeine I took in
      • the amount of exercise
  • My main conclusion from the results is that there is a slight increase in oil and water content of the skin from the presence of the sleeping pack. But that it seems like the sleeping pack with my use didn’t seem to exhibit a lasting moisture/oil % increase.
    • What might have caused this?
      • The sleeping pack might not be effective
        • Skin might maintain a ‘normal’ amount of moisture regardless of product layering
      • I might not have let it dry enough before hitting the pillow
      • The pack might have rubbed off during sleep
  • I did gain a nice baseline to measure the efficacy of new products introduced to my routine which allows me to attribute changes in oil and moisture content of my skin to the new products
    • For example my oil content increased with the addition of the skinfood black pomegranate cream, but the water levels decreased around 7%
  • I also feel like this methodology of assessing skin water and oil levels is very easy to accomplish and can be used by others wishing to establish a baseline for comparison of product efficacy
    • with the understanding that there is noise in the data due to the inability to keep all variables constant such as, personal water intake, exercise/activity, weather etc.

Further Studies/questions

  • I’d like to try something like this again with perhaps a more stringent schedule that has additional readings taken throughout the day.
  • Using this method with different skin analyzing devices would be very interesting
  • Even though it would be difficult to directly attribute water intake to skin moisture content outside of a controlled setting it might be fun to set up another study to see if additional water intake did anything






  1. Traci Drury

    Wow, I love the details. I look forward to reading about other similar reviews. I bought this same kit a couple of months ago. The weather is getting warmer so I was hesitant to give this a try because my skin is transitioning from dry to combination and will be oily this summer. But this might actually be a good time for me to give it a try since I don’t need that deep hydration.

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