OlioBeauty Brightening Elixer Review


Fancy envelope. Adorable corrugated packaging and a coordinating business card. A+

I was first introduced to this brand through 0.8L where they were sending out cuticle oil to review. This product was sent after the fact, with no schedule to review; just take my time and eventually share my thoughts on the ‘gram. I love it when I have lots of time to test out a product in every which way possible. And though I only needed to review this on Instagram, I liked it so much I felt that I needed to take the time and make a blog post too since I’m so impressed with it.

About Oliobeauty

Handcrafted with Love & Passion

We admit… during our “younger” years, we have done our fair share of chasing after the ever-changing trend of newly discovered “miracle ingredients” – frenzied up by mass media. As awareness grew on the hidden dangers of what these chemically-engineered ingredients can do to our body, we decided to revert to our roots, and go natural. That’s when we fell in love with traditional herbs and the creation of natural skincare – more specifically, natural remedy – solutions.

Our goal is to create a line of natural products that will “cover all aspects” of an effective personal care regimen – protect & restore, nourish & sustain, support & heal – using simple, fresh, and clean ingredients and materials. Good for our body, good for the environment.

Our products are “honest”, and contain no “mystery” ingredients. The base formulation uses a combination of herb-infused plant-based oils and butters for their amazing healing properties; adding to that will be a well thought-out, therapeutic blend of pure essential oils to further enhance its beneficial attributes.

No preservatives are added to our oil-based products. In an effort to make sure our products are delivered fresh to you, we handcraft only in small batches at a time, often made-to-order. Hence, we kindly ask for your patience when placing orders and to allow ample time for delivery.

As a promise to you, Olio Beauty products will be formulated with :

•no parabens;
•no sulfates;
•no preservatives;
•no artificial colorants;
•no animal-testing; and most importantly…
•Tender-Loving Care!

We will take no chances when it comes your personal well-being; therefore, always use precaution when trying out new products or ingredients. We strongly encourage you to read the ingredient labels carefully and perform patch tests prior to using the products.

Keep in mind that as with any other skincare products, natural or not, time is required for your skin to adjust to the new formula, usually about 2 weeks, which might result in some minor reaction to the skin. But if this becomes irritating and uncomfortable, please discontinue usage immediately and consult a physician.

So pretty standard Green Beauty. Personally I’m fine with parabens and preservatives, but it doesn’t bother me too much when it’s a product that I will use in a timely manner.

And before we begin, the usual info

My skin type

  • Dry Skin
  • Non- Sensitive (literally have not reacted to hundreds of products over the course of my lifetime)
  • Concerns
    • a few pronounced sebaceous filaments on the nose
    • The occasional pimple
    • inhibiting wrinkle formation
    • preventing cancer
    • not being chokchok enough


The Lootz

The Brightening Elixer is a facial moisturizer, but I would just call it a facial oil. Here is their advert

The BRIGHTENING ELIXIR is a lightweight, quick-absorbing anti-aging blend that effectively brightens skin complexion and provides superb hydration to leave skin SOFT and SUPPLE.

Featuring Camellia Seed Oil – one of Asia’s most coveted botanical oil, made popular by the flawless-skinned Japanese geishas – it contains more naturally-occurring antioxidants than almost any other botanically derived oil.

In addition, it helps CORRECT and BALANCE SEBUM production which makes it great for acne prevention. With its sweet exotic scent, the blend also helps alleviate stress and anxiety.

This FORMULA is :
• rich in ANTIOXIDANT >>>>>>>>>>>
– protects against sun damage
– prevents premature signs of aging
– provides natural UV protection
– lightens dark spots and scars

• high in OLEIC ACID >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
– helps skin cell regenerate quickly
– very moisturizing and well-absorbed by the skin

• high in LINOLEIC ACID (Omega-6) >>>>>>>>>>>>>
– delivers excellent moisture retention properties
– helps strengthen skin barrier function

• ANTI-INFLAMMATORY >>>>>>>>>>>>>
– reduces symptoms of skin infections
– reduces redness and swelling
– treats acne-related skin problems

Now before I do the ingredient analysis I gotta talk about the packaging

You start with this tube

You start with this tube

You unravel the twine

You unravel the twine

And you fold open revealing the product

And you fold open revealing the product

Things I like about the packaging and contents

  • Even though I would prefer the oil to be in an opaque container to protect the contents, I can just keep it in the roll to block out light
  • The roll protects the bottle through shipping and I would totally use it for travel
  • I love that they have the ingredients with explanations of what each does
  • They list the EXACT date this oil was made
    • AND they include the PAO (period after opening) recommendation to discontinue use

Side rant: I love that most Korean products have either the manufacture date/expiration date AND the PAO symbol for their products. There are so many American Brands that don’t do this. Drives me nuts. So Olio already has brownie points from me.

What’s inside

Camellia oleifera (camellia) seed oil, Oryza sativa (rice) bran oil, Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, Rosa canina (rosehip) fruit oil, Tocopherol (vitamin E), Cananga odorata (Ylang Ylang) oil, Citrus aurantium (neroli) oil, Rosa damascena (rose otto) flower oil, Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf oil.

Now because I’m me, and I like to run everything though CosDna

Ingredient Function Acne Irritant Safety
Camellia Oleifera Seed Oil

Oryza Sativa Bran Oil

Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil

‧Plant extract
0 0
Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil

2 0-2
Rosa Canina Fruit Oil


‧Antioxidant 2 2
Cananga Odorata

Citrus aurantium

Rosa Damascena Flower Oil

Melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil


The two ingredients that are showing up as triggers are the jojoba oil and vitamin e oil. I personally don’t have an issue with either of these oils, but out of the two the only one that I do hear occasionally irritate some peoples’ skin would be vitamin e. oil. Realistically everyone reacts differently to each cosmetic ingredients, so we just have to be observant of how we react and be responsible consumers. Check ingredient lists. Compare the lists of products that work to products that don’t work.

Overall, it’s a fairly simple list, their ratios I’m assuming are proprietary, but overall there’s nothing in here that I would worry about.

Slim bottle, probably diets

Slim bottle, probably diets

How I used this

I received this maybe 11 weeks ago. And have used this the following ways. And I would use this day and night

  • In the serum step
    • my routine generally goes: cleansing>toning>actives>essence>serum>ampoule>lotion>cream>sleeping pack
    • I did this for 4 weeks straight
  • Mixed into the lotion/emulsion
  • Mixed into the cream
  • On top of the cream
I wish the bottle was opaque

I wish the bottle was opaque

You gotta be careful to not tip this over, narrow base

You gotta be careful to not tip this over, narrow base

It's not super heavy, it's right between camellia oil and a dry oil in my opinion

It’s not super heavy, it’s right between camellia oil and a dry oil in my opinion

What I think about the claims and how did I like it?

Firstly I LOVE the scent. Out of the Ylang Ylang, Rose, Neroli, and Tea tree I get mostly Ylang Ylang which I am actually a fan of. I started liking the scent years ago when Trader Joes’s came out with this bath salt trio and one scent was ylang ylang. Ylang Ylang is unique, it’s a very different floral scent but it doesn’t smell wet like roses do (to me) and it doesn’t give me a headache, which a lot of florals do to me. I guess I’m saying that you’re probably going to get mostly ylang ylang out of this if you put your nose in it.

In terms of viscosity I’d say this is a medium weight oil which does sink in, but I feel do to the Jojoba (and it’s ester/waxy ways) it can form a light seal on top of the skin to help keep in moisture

Oh yeah and the claims which are brightening & Moisturizing

  • This did not seem to brighten my skin any more than usual
  • This DID completely eliminate flakes and dryness (I have very very dry skin, similar to what people experience on Retinoids)
    • My skin seems to retain more moisture when I use this mixed in with the cream.
    • normally I don’t like to use oils before a cream since most I’ve used tend to be too occlusive, but this one seems to blend better than most and still allows for other ingredients to layer well. I would say that you do gain a bit more occlusivity in the cream step.
      • I’ve used this with many many different creams, from It’s skin, purple tale, etude house, primary raw… it never disrupted the formulation of other products (which I was pleasantly surprised)
      • If I used this lightly in the AM, I found it to not affect my usually Missha/IOPE bb cream application
      • It also didn’t seem to conflict with MAC mineralize or even the hourglass foundation stick


Final Verdit

I never thought I’d like something from the Green beauty world this much, but dammit I do. Once my sample runs out I will be purchasing this. I rarely repurchase things. There are a select few skincare products I repurchase (I can count them on one hand) and that’s why this is special to me.  When I feel like my skin is about to get flakes I just add a few drops into my cream and rock the chokchok. I definitely recommend this product if you’re looking for a facial oil.

It is a little pricey, but I would rather not source all the separate ingredients myself and be stuck with a liter of product when I can work my way through a smaller amount. Plus it’s supporting a small business that’s run by two ladies out of New Jersey.

  • the travel size (8ml) is $10 on etsy
  • the half oz size I recieved is $18 on etsy
  • the one oz size I’m going to spring for is $28 on etsy

Their standard shipping is $3.95 and their priority shipping is $10.75 for the US

Who do I think this will work well for

  • Even though all skin types can benefit from oil
    • Dry skin types would probably like this best
    • As would normal/combo
    • Oily skin would probably prefer to use this in the evenings

I hope you enjoyed this review



  1. I haven’t yet used camellia oil, although I am using other types of oil, like jojoba, argan, rose hips, coconut… Oils are so essential and they help keep the hydration. This one you just reviewed looks like a great element in a beauty evening routine.

    • I definitely always keep coconut and jojoba oil around. I haven’t played too much with rose hip oil but I do have other blends! You should definitely check out olio, they have lots of size options now so you don’t have to invest too much in trying out some different combos

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