Rip the Sin out of you: A comparison of the Daiso Charcoal Natural Pack and Elizavecca Hell-Pore Clean up Peeling Masks

Before I begin I need to cover who should NOT use these peeling masks These are very strong exfoliating masks, do not use these if: You cannot wax your face You are on Retinoids You are on Accutane You are on any medication that thins the skin You have a sunburn You have recently waxed … [Read more…]

Tosowoong Essence CC Cushion #22 Pink Beige Review aka Candy Swirl Makeup

Back in July contacted a slew of Kbeauty instagrammers to try a cushion from Tosowoong and I was included. I really like their method of launching a product. You can check out their launch post here, or just enjoy this excerpt Hello there, Beauty Lovers! So maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t… but for … [Read more…]