Peach & Lily Sample Sale 2018

This past Friday Peach & Lily had their 4th annual sample sale, which was located in The Flat NYC in ze flatiron district… and for those of you who commute into the city it’s right off the 23rd street Path station.

And since it was such a hit last year…

My day schedule

7:00AM – wake up, question lyfe choices

7:30AM – puttering while trying not to be too loud for my guest Jess who was my shopping partner in crime

8:20AM – leave house with snacks and tea and drive up to Newark, NJ

10:30AM – arrive to Island quick parking which is the BEST lot by Penn station

10:40AM – wait in line with a sassy attitude while people fail to understand how the metro card loading kiosk works and the train has arrived

10:45AM – give up on reloading cards because we will miss the train

11:20AM – arrive at peach & lily sample sale, no lines, just bag check and take pictures

12:45PM – was about the time we left the sale, my blood sugar was at an all time low so we wandered off to find food

and for the rest of the day we wandered the city a little and stopped by supermoon and went home with only one traffic delay

Sale Deets

  • Bag check required but you can carry your wallet and phone and take pics whatever
  • No time limit
  • Same horseshoe shape
  • Worth it to ask the staff about items you can’t find or were looking for
    • Staff was also very knowledgeable about the products and helpful with skincare questions

The prices

  • Blue dots were 2 dollars
  • Dark green dots were 5 dollars
  • Light green dots were 10 dollars
  • Yellow dots were 15 dollars
  • Orange dots were 20 dollars
  • Pink dots were 25 dollars
  • Purple dots were 30 dollars
  • Red dots were 40 dollars

The Loot

And to clarify, this was shopping for 5 people total

10 dollar sector

  • Layering Essence Ringer Drip Soothing, normally $25
  • Layering Essence Ringer Drip Whitening, normally $25
  • Ground Plan Secret bubble Whipping Foam Cleanser, normally $28
  • Ground Plan Secret Soft Peeling Gel, normally $32
  • Vitamin C boost powder, normally $29

15 Dollar Sector

  • Femmue Flower Infused Fine Peel, normally $42
  • Femmue Flower Infused Fine Mask, normally $40
  • Jung Saem mool essential powder Illuminator, normally $32
  • Jung Saem Mool essential mool soothing toner, normally $32
  • Jung Saem Mool essential cleansing water finisher, normally $23
  • Mizon AHA peeling serum, normally $25
  • Rose by Dr Dream Rose Bubble Clay Pack, normally $42

20 Dollar Sector

  • The lotus Jeju Lotus Leaf Balancing Concentrate Oil Serum, normally $66
  • The lotus leaf extract sleeping mask, normally $39
  • Ground Plan Secret cream overnight Pack, normally $48
  • Be the Skin purifying white waterful serum, $39

30 & 40 dollar sector

  • Femmue Lumiere Vital C, $30 down from $88
  • Ecoyourskin meso ampoule $40 down from $130
  • Shangpree S-energy repair eye cream, $40 down from $120
  • JungSaemMool Limited edition Essential Mool Cream gift set $40 down from $69

How much did I spend

Item Quantity Sale Price Total Normal Price Total (Non-sale) Discount
Layering Essence Ringer Drip Soothing 2 10 20 25 50 0.6
Layering Essence Ringer Drop Whitening 2 10 20 25 50 0.6
Ground Plan Secret bubble whipping foam cleanser 1 10 10 28 28 0.642857
Ground Plan Secret Soft peeling Gel 2 10 20 32 64 0.6875
Vitamin C boost Powder 3 10 30 29 87 0.655172
Femmue Flower Infused Fine Peel 2 15 30 42 84 0.642857
Femmue Flower Infused Fine Mask 2 15 30 40 80 0.625
JungSaemMool Essential Powder illuminator 1 15 15 32 32 0.53125
JungSaemMool essential mool soothing toner 3 15 45 32 96 0.53125
JungSaemMool essential cleansing water finisher 1 15 15 25 25 0.4
Mizon AHA peeling serum 1 15 15 25 25 0.4
Rose by Dr Dream Rose Bubble Clay Pack 1 15 15 42 42 0.642857
The Lotus jeju lotus leaf balancing concentrate oil 2 20 40 66 132 0.69697
The Lotus leaf extract sleeping mask 1 20 20 39 39 0.487179
Ground plan Secret Cream Overnight 1 20 20 48 48 0.583333
Be The Skin purifying white waterful serum 2 20 40 39 39 -0.02564
Femmue Lumiere Vital C 1 30 30 88 88 0.659091
Ecoyourskin meso ampoule 2 40 80 130 260 0.692308
Shangpree S-energy repair eye cream 1 40 40 120 120 0.666667
JungSaemMool Limited Ed. Essential Mool Cream gift set 2 40 80 69 138 0.42029
Totals 33 615 976 1527 0.59725

Last year I spent $428 for 33 items and this year for the same amount of items my friends and I went up to $615. While shopping I did feel like most things were priced higher or at least the things I wanted were in a higher price category this year. Before I go up I scan the P&L site along with any of the preview posts on their social media to try and make a guess on what they will sell. That to me is part of the fun of doing a group haul at a sample sale.

I didn’t want to even attempt to get there first thing, and based off of the inventory it seems like it was a lot of the 5 dollar and 10 dollar items which sold out quickly, that and the shangree eye patches which were nowhere in sight. Most of the stock was pretty good when I left near 1pm. And it was never super packed or super busy to the point where I couldn’t reach a table. Most shoppers seemed like my friend and I which were there to casually peruse, take our time and compare prices online.

I chose not to bring a rolley bag up with me, but I did bring a backpack and some baggu bags which tend to be easier to carry lots of things in.

The biggest change I saw aside from offering more high-end priced goods was the smaller amount of masks and CVS brands compared to last year. I can’t say I have any recommendations for P&L since it was a smooth shopping experience and even though most of the products I thought would be there were not, I still managed to get some items that I am super excited form


I hop you enjoyed my quick post on peepingpom personal shopping


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