Peach&Lily Sample Sale 2016: My Loot


Oh man, this was my first Sample Sale ever. I had never been to one before. I was really happy that some of my New York friends could come with me and that I was able to meet a few other Instagram Ladiez too!

My Day Schedule

5:00 AM – Wake up and wonder what life is about

5:30 AM – Begin to Stress about location of Keys

6:00 AM – Butter some Bread for Breakfast

6:01 AM – Set bread and forget it on the table

6:15AM – Gather things and Travel to Train Station

7:05 AM – Board a Train Outdoors

8:50 AM – Arrive at Penn Station

9:00 Something – Final Party member arrives and we walk over to the Garment District and Get in Line

Then we proceed to wait in line for maybe 30 mins… hard for me to remember exactly since much texting and social mediatizing was occurring

Then after waiting in the sun we finally get in.

The bouncers tell us that we can only spend 20 mins in the product area as we check our bags. Peach&Lily Provides you with totes so that you can fill them up and later use them to carry your loot

Check out this sweet IIICH&LILY Sign

Check out this sweet IIICH&LILI Sign

I’m jittering with excitement since the first thing I see are like 3 tables with the $3 sign on them

The Layout is a large horseshoe and These are the price brackets

  • Green Dot = 3 Dollars
  • Yellow Dot = 6 Dollars
  • Orange Dot = 10 Dollars
  • Blue Dot = 15 Dollars
  • Silver Dot = 22 Dollars
  • Gold Dot = 35 Dollars * By the time I got in which was a little after 10AM the Gold items were sold out

As we left around 11/1130 there was no line outside and I’d say things were pretty well stocked still.

If you’d like more information about the Sale in terms of timing and what was there I’d say check out my new friend Practically Haute  She did a fabulous write up

As for me after grabbing everything I could I managed to find the Yoonster, owner of Peach & Lily

Yup I got to meet Alicia Yoon

Yup I got to meet Alicia Yoon also the front camera on my Galaxy S4 is so grainy


So I had three shopping lists. Since I offered to pick up some things for some of my dear friends.



The build up

3 Dollar make you holla sector


Apparently there were more makeup items and sheetmasks last year.



I grabbed these because I thought they were peeling masks because I don’t like to read labels


All for friends, I actually didn’t know they are usually 20 a piece


Who knew mizon made eye shadow?


We’re going to use these as highlighters


Yolo moment. Could not resist


Tints in the form of an easy to apply marker


These eyeliners do not budge. I wish they had more colors

The 6 Dolla Sector


I love anything around the 5 dollar price point



Online these are sold as a 110$ 4 pack. This was another yolo purchase to test out since I didn’t know you could make essences powder


So cute and such a good size. Will likely use as a travel hydrating toner


Gotta buy mist


These adorable sleeping packs I’ve been searching for and was shocked they showed up.


10 Dollar store


mmmm the powder blue


This I am super intrigued with


Beepgirlunnie was like…. these are amazing, so naturally I grabbed a couple for myself


This was on my wishlist since I can always use more cleanser


I like to use micellar water and this seems quite fancy


I haven’t found an FTE I’m found of yet so I figured why not grab this one


I am somehow drawn to things that are two in one


Grabbed these because LEMON and they’re pretty pricey otherwise

The Premier 15 Dollar Section


This was the first area I ran to


Everyone wanted one of these. Cuz we love lanolin


My friend wanted this…. and while shopping I was feeling FOMO… so I got one too


If I was smart I would have just picked up more mist packs. But I was really tired and the essence lotion I just couldn’t say no to.


Sunscreen testing is my thing now


Even though I hate rose, I love powder cleansing


This is for my friend, I carried it on my back for the whole day to keep it safe

How much did I spend?

Item Quantity Sale Price Total Normal Price Total(non sale) Discount
Kicho Sheep Oil Cream 3 15 45 58 174 0.7413793103
Be the Skin Toner 1 15 15 29 29 0.4827586207
Rose By Dr Dream Powder Cleanser 1 15 15 52 52 0.7115384615
Lagom Cellus Sun Gel 1 15 15 20 20 0.25 Retail Guess
The Lotus Essence Lotion 1 15 15 64 64 0.765625
The Lotus Mist set 1 15 15 66 66 0.7727272727
Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence 2 15 30 42 84 0.6428571429
The Lotus Lemon Mist 2 10 20 33 66 0.696969697
Cremorlab Essence Tonic 1 10 10 40 40 0.75
Mizon First Essence 1 10 10 19 19 0.4736842105
May Coop White Water Cleanser 1 10 10 30 30 0.6666666667
Lagom Cellup Cleanser 1 10 10 18 18 0.4444444444
Mizon Intensive Skin barrier Set 1 10 10 25 25 0.6
Cremorlab Mist 5 10 50 18 90 0.4444444444
Pearl Sleeping Pack 4 6 24 10 40 0.4 Retail Guess
The Lotus Camellia Mist 1 6 6 33 33 0.8181818182
May Coop Raw sauce Mini 4 6 24 14 56 0.5714285714
Rose By Dr Dream Powder Essence 4 6 24 27.5 110 0.7818181818
Clio Gelpresso Liner 2 3 6 20 40 0.85
PeriPera Tint Marker 3 3 9 16 48 0.8125
Mizon eye cream 2 3 6 31 62 0.9032258065
Mizon Jelly Shadow 3 3 9 17 51 0.8235294118
Cio Lipnicure 3 3 9 26 78 0.8846153846
Rose by Dr. Dream foot mask 4 3 12 10 40 0.7 Retail Guess
 52 399 399 1186 1335 0.6635750422

So there were a few items that weren’t listed on Peach&Lily and I couldn’t figure out the price so I guessed

Overall for 399 I’m very very satisfied. Also the tax was included in the price so buying for my friends was very easy.

I loved the setup, you could either walk around the horseshoe and peruse or just bounce around like I did (I am a very effective shopper)

Even though I missed out on the gold items, I felt that there was plenty of stock to last thought the afternoon (but I wasn’t there)

In retrospect I should have brought my hiking pack since until I bought a little suitcase my friends had to help carry the load.

I don’t think I have any recommendations in terms of changes to the event (since this is my first sample sale)


I hope you enjoyed a peek into my hauling


  1. This is amazing ! The next time you hear of one of these in NYC please give me let me know ! I had seen something on your IG but I wasn’t really sure as to what you meant at the time. After you had posted on insta I was like a kid in a candy store … like wow !!! How did I not see that ?! But this looks so amazing ! The products and the prices are great 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing everything

  2. BabyAjumma

    I might take some of those misters off your hands. The Cremorlab you sprayed on Saturday put my Mario Bedescu to shame. I feel like I’m spraying from a Windex bottle with that thing! The Cremorlab mister was like a beautiful mist from a Costa Rican waterfall, glorious!

  3. Luisa

    Wow this is amazing perfect for Christmas! You gals did an amazing haul. I can’t wait to hear and read all your reviews.

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