1. This UV baby powder is something I’ve never seen before. Is this popular elsewhere or just Thailand? It sounds brilliant for the scalp and even just the arms (says the person tired of sticky arms from spray sunscreens). –Angela

  2. I’ve never heard of these before, but I’m super curious! Especially for that price, it’s definitely worth checking out. UV powder sounds pretty interesting. It could double up as a setting powder. The lazy side of me likes that.

  3. Ooh, thank you for sharing these! I remember using Pond’s cosmetic powders (like, baby powder leveled up) as a wee pre-adolescent in the Philippines lol. It’s so interesting what types of products they come out with in SEA that we won’t see much of elsewhere. Very cool concept, but if I remember correctly…their foofy packaging hasn’t changed! Lol!

  4. UV Powders?! That sounds really interesting! Definitely discovered something new today. Though these aren’t going near my face, already pale enough without the need for extra whiteness.

    • Peepingpomeranian

      I knowww, the only one I can use on my face is the Pond’s Magic bb it’s kind of like airspun powder lol the rest are just too white lol

  5. kittenishcutie

    Ooh, I’d never heard of these before. They look nifty. I’m always looking for more products that contain physical sunscreen.

  6. Oooh, Pond’s! I see this in South East Asia a lot. Pond’s is a very well known brand for powders like the ones you posted. Like in the Philippines, foundation are a bit expensive, and bb creams or cushions are relatively new, so they opt for something more affordable, which is this; made for people who don’t like wearing make up, but want a “powdered” finish on their face.

  7. Oooh, you had me at ‘baby powder scent’. Anything that even remotely smells like freshly washed laundry is perfection.

    No, but seriously, I had a sunscreen powder (by Hera? So I’ll never repurchase…) and while I’d never use it on its own, it was really handy for busy days or traveling! Sunscreen-Cushion-Sunscreenpowder for max protection! I’ll have to keep my eyes open for that UV 30 one!

  8. That’s so cool that they have these in Thailand! I really like the idea of powder sunscreen, especially for touching up. I never thought about using it on the scalp but it is perfect for that too! Bonus points for the affordable price 🙂

  9. Allyce

    I need some of these in my life! More and more sun protection! Plus I hate wearing hats so your idea for using them on the scalp is great!

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