1. The sources <3
    The scientific study <3
    This is the first time I've come across ellagic acid consciously and this was a great review! I'm not a scientist, but I didn't get lost in the explanation and I loved the table at the end.

  2. Aw I’m sad that the oil was the one you liked least – it’s the one I’m most interested in! The packaging is really nice on these products. Thanks for your review, I’ve been eyeing up some Skinfood products for a while so this was a good read.

    • Peepingpomeranian

      I was pretty bummed too when I got the ingredients list 🙁 But due to the silicones it does make a nice smelling hair smoothing product ^_^

  3. As a bio nerd, I loved this so much! <3
    I have one question though and it's do those smell like authentic pomegranate? If they do I am so sold and getting one of these. xD

  4. I have the same doubts about Skinfood for all its “natural,” food-based shtick. So ultimately, I just go with whatever sounds delicious and don’t expect too much them. Hehe. I like the Black Sugar first serum, for example, for the packaging and scent. Pomegranate sounds pretty yum, too. –Angela

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