1. Cristine

    I had the exact same experience with this product. A little bit of moisture and that’s it, no redness reduction, nada. I kept waiting for it to work its magic like it does for everybody else, but at this point I’ve given up on it and have just started using it for hydration to get rid of the disappointing little bugger.

    • Peepingpomeranian

      Gad I knowww. The photos of people showing the inflammation reduction were looking so good! And I personally know some of them. Oh well. It’s a cute chubby bottle at least lol

  2. I also have dry skin and was highly considering this because, like you said, so many people liked it! I was really looking for something to add to my routine to see if it could help to keep hormonal acne under control (or at least, reduce? maybe?). I do understand the whole YMMV thing, but I think you’re right, many people who use this may not have dry skin. I think I may eventually try this if the price is right, but I’ll mark it on my ‘maybe’ list instead of ‘wishlist’ for now. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hannah

    Memebox tolod me when I emailed them that they aren’t going to carry LJH products anymore. The shipping is more reliable from KoreaDepart but isn’t able to be tracked unless you pay for EMS. They do have sales pretty often though.

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